Playboy Casino: Playboy Opens Up and Spreads Wide

Playboy Casino: Playboy Opens Up and Spreads Wide

“I only read Playboy for the articles.”

Yeah, sure, I believe you.

Well now you can visit the Playboy Casino and only go for the games.

Playboy, the American men’s magazine, is getting deep into the internet gaming market by opening – an online casino with poker.

“We’re delighted to deliver the unique Playboy brand to an online gaming audience. Not only will players experience a quality poker offering, but they will also have the opportunity to win once-in-a-lifetime, priceless experiences that no other online gaming site can offer. We will also be launching casino software within the next couple of months making the premier destination for all gamers,” says spokesman Lee Knott.

The Playboy Gaming Life Experiences

You want comps and casino swag? Check out what’s being offered by PlayboyGaming. They’re hooking you up with “life experiences”. You get a chance at these by racking up “Bunny Money”. And yes, I just said the word “rack”. If you’re playing poker, for example, you increase your bunny money totals whenever you have a hand where the rake exceed 1 unit (United States Dollars, British Pounds, or Euros). Each hand like this, you get hooked up with one unit of bunny money. If the rake reaches 0.25 units but below 1 full unit, you get hooked up with one-quarter of a unit of bunny money (0.25). If you’re playing casino games, for every 10 units you wager on a game, you’ll earn bunny points for that also – the amount you get depends on the game you’re playing.

“Bunny money” can then be traded for what PlayboyGaming describes as “money can’t buy” experiences. One of these rewards can be a Playboy TV subscription – which could be pretty cool – I’d only watch it for the news of course. Check out some of the more intense experiences you could be getting though. Can you imagine having lunch with the latest Playboy Playmate – a freaking lunch date? Can you imagine getting invited and actually going to the hottest Playboy Mansion parties? Getting crazy with the Playboy Bunnies and Hugh Hefner – chilling in the infamous Playboy Mansion grotto!

The infamous Playboy Mansion grotto

In case you don’t know about the grotto, this is the area where the wildness really goes down at the Playboy Mansion parties. It’s pretty secluded from the rest of the partygoers so if you think things are pretty crazy on the outside, imagine how it gets inside there! Yes, people do get naked and people do get sexed up!

So can you imagine playing casino games and poker and actually having a chance to hit up a once-in-a-lifetime experience like this? For one, you’ll have bragging rights from here to eternity with your buddies if you end up hitting up a party like this. Second, just knowing you did something so unique and that so few people have done – but so many people wish they could!

The exclusive invitation-only player’s club

You can also get invited into “Playboy Platinum Club” where you can then earn double bunny money every time you play – plus you get an automatic 100,000 points just for joining the Platinum Club! And you get chances to earn triple bunny money, free Playboy TV access, free Playboy website access, and exclusive Platinum free rolls with the opportunity to win European Poker Tour (EPT) and World Series of Poker (WSOP) seats – not to mention lunch with the Playmates.

What you can win by playing

Here’s a list of some of the items you can win with the PlayboyGaming bunny money:
  • Mansion Party for two includes a three night trip to Los Angeles culminating in attendance for two to one of Hugh Hefner’s famous parties with connections, flights and accommodation (1,000,000 points)

  • Lunch with Playboy Playmates for fourincludes five nights in Los Angeles, lunch at the Playboy Mansion with the Playboy Playmates, connections, flights and accommodation (1,000,000 points)

  • Lunch with the Playboy Bunnies for fourincludes five nights in Los Angeles, lunch at the Playboy Mansion with the Playboy Bunnies, connections, flights and accommodation. (750,000 points)

  • Playboy Party for two, Non Mansion includes connections, flights, accommodation and invites for two to the party. (500,000 points)

  • Trips to Playboy Club for two, Las Vegasincludes three nights accommodation, connections, flights and VIP access to all areas of the Playboy Tower at the Palms casino with VIP access to the Playboy Club and Moon Nightclub (500,000 points)

  • 500 piece Poker Chip Set (10,000 points)

  • Three Months Playboy Television Subscription (8,000 points)

  • Three Months Subscription (5,000 points)

  • Three Months Playboy.Net Subscription (5,000 points)

  • Three Months Playboy Cyber Club Subscription (5,000 points)

  • One Month Playboy Television Subscription (3,000 points)

  • Three Months Playboy Magazine Subscription (2,500 points)

  • One Month Subscription (2,000 points)

  • One Month Playboy.Net Subscription (2,000 points)

  • One Month Playboy Cyber Club Subscription (2,000 points)

  • One Month Playboy Magazine Subscription (1,000 points)

  • So let’s pretend you had 1,500,000 points at PlayboyGaming. How would you use it? Would you just use the 100,000,000 for the top prizes plus a 500,000 prize? Or would you get both of the 500,000 prizes plus a bunch of the smaller ones too?

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