How Luck (and Fate) Plays a Role in Poker

How Luck (and Fate) Plays a Role in Poker

From Monk:

How many times have you tried to explain to someone that poker is not just a game of chance? Can you show someone else how you understand a situation? And then show them how someone else sees the same thing, but differently? Now explain how that difference gives you an edge over them? I find that difficult to do. There is a lot of knowledge the person needs to have to be able take in a detailed description, poker terms and math, or a very agile and broad mind to understand a more abstract explanation. After doing all that, maybe your ‘friend’ will ask: ‘Isnt there still a lot of luck involved?’ Queue the Hamlet speech. But we all know Shakespeare is dead and gone. He cant help us now, our only hope is WOODY ALLEN!

Woody knows Poker

If you have seen the last Woody Allen movie Match Point you probably picked up on his “luck plays a bigger role in life than people want to admit” theme. The more I look at life and the poker table the more I find those words true. I would love to put that out there. All of us that think we have this game under control in different degrees, or those that are seeking to get it under control, how much control do we have over ourselves? To what degree is it even possible to steer the ship?

Now I know we have to keep some sort of perspective here. Good old Uncle Math tells us about the, oh so faithful long run, and I believe, oh I do, but could it be guided by a form of luck that’s even bigger, maybe (if you will let me use the word without giving it all sorts of strange connotations) Fate?

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