Wingows Poker Purchased by Walker Poker

Wingows Poker Purchased by Walker Poker

Wingows Gaming has been purchased by Walker Poker.

We don’t know currently how much this Walker-Wingows deal was for, but the essence is that, which is operated by Colkom Inc. has taken over all assets of, which includes the entire Wingows Poker player database.

Wingows Poker, which has been running their online casino since 2006, was operating at first on the Dobrosoft network. Late 2006, the Dobrosoft network was sold off to Digital Gaming Network, based in Panama and Canada. Late 2007, Dobrosoft took over the company yet again, after DGN did a poor job of operating and the casino network – the new Wingows network was now named Gold Chip Network. Right after the Gold Chip Network (GCN) took over, it was found that DGN operators were embezzling escrow funds – which are supposed to be deposited in order to ensure casino player funds. This Wingows scandal really shocked the player base – causing many loyal and die-hard players to drift away from the internet poker casino.

The Wingows Scandal Fallout

What ended up happening was that Wingows compensated their poker players and casino affiliates from the company’s own money – affecting their bottom-line but hopefully regaining some measure of respectability and trust in the casino world.

“We tried to recover as much as possible but the loss was too big to handle at a short period of time. Most of the people got their money back from private company resources,” said a Wingows official. “We have come to a point where the network lacks the liquidity to recover itself and player’s money. Walker Poker ensured that it will do its best to help in recovering old funds.”

According to our sources, Wingows poker players lost at least $500,000 in poker player money when DGN was operating the network – and this doesn’t even include the loss of rakes! Wingows officials are hoping that this pickup of the company by Walker Poker will signal a new turn for the company which up to this point has been mired in controversy.

“We have decided to contribute 25% of the income from Wingows Poker players back to the players and affiliates who didn’t get their money. We believe most of the players and affiliates will get their money back in the first couple of months.” said the Walker Poker CEO.

What about the money I have in my Wingows Poker account?

The Colkom and Walker Poker CEO has spoken on this issue as such: “This will be a “per player” situation. Walker Poker team will contact each and every player with funds in his account and will work out the best way to recover his funds. We promise that all Wingows Poker players who have funds in their accounts will receive special bonuses and incentives to join Walker Poker and help them get their money back and of course a better poker environment”.

What is Walker Poker?

The online casino was established in 2007 and is on the Merge Gaming network and also running on the Merge Gaming platform. Walker Poker is open to all players in the United States (as are all casinos under the Merge Gaming label). The network has had up to 6000 players online at any one time with 500-800 real money players. is offering a $750 free deposit bonus as well as tournaments running $10,000/$20,000 and $50,000 monthly. As a member, you’re going to want to take a look at the Walker Poker VIP Club which means extra attention for you, including a complimentary personal assistant at your beck and call to help you out with any issues that may come up. On top of this special VIP poker treatment, you’ll get luxury travel packages including hotel accommodations in five star hotels around the world, flights, and free complimentary entry into real-life live poker casino tournaments.