What Did We Learn: Starter Edition

What Did We Learn: Starter Edition

We’re going to start a new feature on CasinoSmack called “What Did We Learn”.

Most likely this will be a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or once-a-decade feature where we’ll go over the week’s events and find out what was there to learn (or not learn).

We’ll have links, photos, audio, videos and whatever else we get our hands on.

We learned that Johnny Chan has a casino dealer school that’s currently banned by the University of Buffalo. I learned that I had this strange compulsion to continually spell his name as Jimmy Chan. I then learned Jimmy Chan is an “an Australian Chinese artist, whose work explores the complex nature of human.”

We learned that there aren’t many Linux-compatible online casinos. I learned that casino carpets are hot in the design world. And in the font geek world.

We learned, surprisingly, that you can die while playing Russian Roulette. I learned Russian Roulette is popular with chocolate, tennis, and orthodox religions.

We learned that the UIGEA decision is delayed, again. I learned being pissed off about the UIGEA process is a natural thing to feel. I also learned that monkeys punch hard.

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