University Refuses to Offer Casino Gaming Classes

University Refuses to Offer Casino Gaming Classes

If you wanted to take casino gaming training at the University at Buffalo, you’re out of luck.

Just one day after the University and Gatlin Educational Services came to an agreement to host casino classes and training by the Johnny Chan Academy, the U. of B. has backed out. They have decided that the classes aren’t up to the standards of the University of Buffalo (meaning they don’t want no stinking casino gaming classes on campus) and so the day after they come to agreement to have the classes, they back out of the agreement and they tell the Johnny Chan academy to bug off.

The classes were going to be casino dealer courses focusing on poker, baccarat, and blackjack – teaching you the ins and outs of how to become a casino dealer. Shame this didn’t go through, might’ve been interesting to check out their curriculum.

Johny ChanSome of the classes that the Johnny Chan Academy teaches are:
  • Health Care

  • Casino Gaming

  • Video Game Design

  • Business Legal Programs

  • Construction / Automotive

  • Internet Design

  • Networking / Comp TIA

  • Microsoft Certification

  • Video Game Design

  • Of course, the issue that the University had with the Johnny Chan Academy wasn’t about the “Microsoft Certification” classes, it was about the “Casino Gaming”.

    The University of Buffalo speaks on the anti-casino gaming classes decision

    “Eager to respond to marketplace demands and provide courses and training for members of the community, Millard Fillmore College at the University at Buffalo recently scheduled online courses to prepare individuals for jobs in the gaming industry,” said Arthur Page, who is the University of Buffalo’s current Assistant Vice President for News Services and Periodicals. “When this decision was brought to the attention of the university’s academic leadership, it was decided that the courses would not be in line with the mission of UB and they have been canceled.”

    If you wanted to take classes with the Johnny Chan Academy you’re not completely out of luck though. The Casino Career Training Center in Buffalo can hook you up with classes and the College of Southern Idaho, located in Twin Falls, has some classes too. The Johnny Chan Academy is led by professional poker player Johnny Chan, who also leads online casino

    The general public has a taboo about casino gaming

    This whole deal falling through just show you how much of a taboo there still is in the eyes of the general non-gambling public concerning casino games, like poker, blackjack, baccarat, slots, etc. Granted, it’s not at the level of pornography or anything like that, but it’s pretty close. Casino gaming is seen as “not refined” by some out there, and this move by the University of Buffalo to preserve the “mission” of the University is another sign of that.

    People can choose to do what they want in their lives, and if they want to take classes on how to be a casino dealer, hey that’s great. There’s still options out there like I mentioned in the article so you can check those out if you’re interested.

    Will casino gaming ever be held in high regard by the public?

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