The Game of Pachinko: From Children's Toy to Casino Game

The Game of Pachinko: From Children's Toy to Casino Game

If you like playing pinball games, then you might love playing pachinko. A game which first originated in Japan, Pachinko is a mechanical device that is now widely popular in such locales like Las Vegas casinos and some other parts of the world. This game is a mixture of both a pinball machine and a slot machine game.

And no, it has nothing to do with the Price is Right gameshow pricing game Plinko.

Pachinko game first started in the town of Nagoya in the 1930s and was first used as a children’s toy, but then it evolved into becoming an adult game almost ten years later. But at the onset of the World War 2, the Pachinko games were shut down but it later materialized again in the 40s, and has since been a popular adult game, especially in the country of Taiwan.

The first pachinko game was first played in what’s called pachinko parlors, which is an establishment catering to slot machine games. These parlors are somewhat similar to casinos found in Las Vegas or Atlantic City – they boast of a robust architectural style with blazing lights to keep you entertained; they also have the consistent playing of blaring music in the background and overhead announcements. There are also pachinko machines which can be altered by players, therefore keeping them at suspenseful mode any time.

When played, pachinko games are somewhat similar to playing a pinball game where it makes use of a spring to shoot the ball and it goes around the area, bumping into several pegs along the way. If you are able to lead the pachinko into winning pockets, then you have won the game.

Here is how a first timer should play the game. First, you choose the number of the ball and choose the price of the ball you would like to play with. Then your balls are then transferred into the loading area. In some cases, this is done either manually or virtually but it is still up to you whether to shoot the ball with a high or a low rapidity.

Once you are able to shoot the ball into its place, the ball will go around the playing field, passing several pegs on the way and being led into several winning pockets. If the ball falls into some parts of the machine, then you do not win anything. But if the ball falls into some winning pockets as indicated by a text, then you are awarded with a free bonus spin which might lead you to win some bigger points.

There are some casinos which award you with four bonus balls, and also a free spin whenever your ball lands into the winning pockets. Playing the free spin also is similar to a slot machine game. All you need to do is get all three similar images on a screen, then you can win as much as up to 1,500 balls.

After you’ve had your fill in playing the game, you can immediately surrender the rest of the balls that you are left and surrender them in exchange for money.

Pachinko can be played in Pachinko Parlors all over Japan and in online casinos like Kiwi Casino.

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