PokerStars Goes Casino: Not Just a Poker Website

PokerStars Goes Casino: Not Just a Poker Website

David Baazov, who is the CEO at PokerStars, has announced the casino website will be including casino games.

He has discovered that more than half of the customers at PokerStars have been gambling at other websites that include casino games, so he figured, hey let’s put some casino games at PokerStars. Good idea I think, but what about the name PokerStars? Could there be a name change to CasinoStars coming up in the future?

David Baazov emphatically stated that PokerStars clients are going to be happy with this new move to adding casino games. I’d agree with David’s sentiments. It’s been a long time coming.

This is a great move for PokerStars and all PS bettors should be ecstatic. This means a lot more new players at the poker games as this will definitely bring in more gamblers. Always a good thing to play against a wider range of players. More fun and more chances of getting matched up with below average poker players.

The Italian and Spanish PokerStars websites will be the first to get this new casino game integration. 

I have another piece of information you’ll like. Baazov is going to be adding a sportsbook as well.  No word yet if it’ll be at PokerStars or at another one of his websites.

As always, CasinoSmack will let you know the details.

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