Poker Channel Europe: Watch Live Poker Games Online

Poker Channel Europe: Watch Live Poker Games Online

A big amount of our Casino Smack readers are already interested in the famous casino game, poker, in at least some part. These games, full of cunning players full of deceit and cleverness (Phil Hellmuth?) have really been another form of entertainment not only for the players, but also for those who simply enjoy watching the game of poker. With its growing popularity, it’s only right to expand the medium used to broadcast poker. Poker games are already available on the Internet (Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker, Sun Poker, ChanPoker, Party Poker, etc.). By simply downloading the software, you can play poker, online, at your home, in their underwear (or god knows what else people wear). Another form of innovation is Online Poker TV. More people can watch the games voyeur-style by simply logging in to the different poker TVs online.

Get Your Poker Fix Online

A website called is a web based TV station that specializes on viewing poker TV shows. The Poker Channel started in March 2005 in United Kingdom. It is now known as the Europe’s biggest library of poker programs stored in the Internet. The site already has stored over 500 hours of poker games that were previously shown on TV. The database is currently updated and additional poker games are added to the site regularly. Moreover, the site has a poker channel online. But heads up, don’t try, it just redirects you to

The Poker Channel is continuously expanding and improving. Its expansion is shown with its partnership with UPC Netherlands, a leading broadband cable operator. As a result, the Poker Channel will also be covering several of the major poker tournaments. More poker programs and tournaments are now shown in the site. These partnerships with other companies made the Poker Channel a better company that deals with the many needs of the game enthusiast who want to watch many poker programs. Poker tournaments can already be seen on the Internet and not just in TVs. With this additional medium used, a different set of viewers are reached by the Poker Channel. More channels means more time eating cheetos watching poker –which is always a good thing.

Available Anytime, Everytime

Since it is available on the Internet, it can be accessed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by anyone around the world. The programs that can be watched by the audiences include the games of poker’s top players – so you can check out some top poker strategy. Aside from these videos, the site also includes educational videos that can teach the viewers on how to play poker, or how to improve a player’s skills, and it even has poker competitions wherein a person can win lots of prizes.

Poker has been floating around for a long time – doesn’t seem to die, just wane and then come back in popularity. For as long as it’s been one of the games available in casinos, poker’s been known for the clever styles of the players involved. Also, it has gathered more audience share since it is now open for the Internet community. The Poker Channel UK still manages to keep its world-class form of entertainment even if there is an increase in the viewers – no lag time noticable (if you’re on dial-up though, dude just upgrade already). These viewers can range from the expert poker players who want to try it online, fans who enjoy watching their favorite players, or even those beginners who simply want to learn how to play poker by watching these videos.

So if you’re a big poker fan, the TV is not the only place where you can watch your favorite poker programs. The Internet has another offer for those who want to view more poker games online.  Check it out and then report back with any comments on what you think about