Online Casino Scams: Preventing Identity Fraud and Theft

Online Casino Scams: Preventing Identity Fraud and Theft

If you happen to see any invites from an online gaming site and accepted it, then make sure that you’ve checked thoroughly what’s said on their security page. You have to make sure that you have read the entire text. Never begin any game at a new online casino if the security section of their website is not properly read and understood.

What you should expect to see in the security section is a long explanation on the details on how that particular casino’s security system will protect your identity while you play online. Remember that you have to provide your financial or bank account details to make game deposits – so be clear on the casino policies!

Online identity theft is an unfortunate occurrence – but with online games like casino games the system is designed to properly focus on thwarting hackers whose goal is stealing a player’s identity. The systems implemented by online casinos include methods to secure your privacy and safeguard your personal information.

The Security Scepticism

Most online casino players are skeptical in this matter. Many of us are in doubt of the security – we may feel that our identity may be in danger of being stolen or used by someone else. We might feel uneasy about giving our bank details, answering security questions and giving our date of birth. This information, if accessed by hackers, may be used for malicious purposes.

As an online casino gamer, you need to have confidence in your casino before you start playing online. You can’t play your A-Game while being paranoid that someone is watching you and trying to snatch your identity. This isn’t just an online occurrence, scams like credit card identity theft happens in real life as well. People have paid at restaurants, the server has taken the credit card details, racked up major charges on them, and the unsuspecting victim finds huge billings incurred in their card monthly statement.

So how can you make sure that what you’ve sent to them, which can include your personal identification, is hack-free and secured?

Before playing online, you should really see how identities are being protected in the site that you wish to visit and play for real money. The website should state in detail how they make your stay in their site worry free and secured. Some casinos take extra steps so that you know who’s an actual employee of the company and who’s just a player. For example, here’s the text from Full Tilt Poker:

“Full Tilt Representatives appear in Green Text in the game software. Thieves will attempt to get information by offering “free money” or bonuses if you send them your account information. Some use misleading usernames like “System” or “FTAdmin”. If they do not appear in green text, they do not represent us and should not be listened to.”

Keeping it Encrypted

The security text must cover not only your identity but the assurance that your account is not in danger. Most reputable casino declare that any confidential information sent through is encrypted. Remember to play online only if the online casino in question informs you of the security measures that they offer. Some casinos offer you an audit trail as proof of their honesty. Here’s the text from BetUS:

“For peace of mind, provides you with a fully transparent and comprehensive audit trail on all games played, detailing the sums wagered and wins/losses. By doing this, we believe our members can wager with and have complete confidence and trust in our systems.”

Try checking an online casino you’d like to play at for real money. Compare them with other casinos you’ve played at before. View their homepage and read all the information you can about them. Click ‘About Us’ and ‘Security’ and you’ll get a look at what the casino is telling its players about how they’re protecting you from hacking and cheating.

Types of Online Casino Scams

There have been reports players claiming online identity theft, insider cheating, identity fraud, poker bots, and casino gaming credit card fraud. Users have had their identity stolen and their credit card accounts have been abused by others. Companies like LifeLock have sprung up in order to capitalize on this emerging online security market – hopefully ensuring 100% safety online. If you are ever in doubt that someone has seen your identity, immediately inform the casino webmaster or click on the online casino’s contact us page to seek online assistance. Here’s the text from PokerStars:

“We aim to keep our information about you as accurate as possible. You can write to us at any time to review, change, obtain a copy of your information or have your details altered or corrected in accordance with your rights under the Data Protection Act 2002.”

Identity theft over the internet is rampant and you as a player must do your due diligence and in-depth research to guarantee your safe play and knowledge that the online casino you’re playing at is dedicated to maintaining a secure playing environment.

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