My Strategy: Early in $35 No Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament

My Strategy: Early in $35 No Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament

Blinds = 75/150

8 Players at Table

Seat 4 (Early Position) – KC (7,150 in chips)

Seat 8 (Big Blind) – Villain (10,000 in chips)


With 7h7d, I decide to take advantage of my tight image and raise 3x to 450 from early position. All fold to the villain – a loose, aggressive player – who raises to 900 total. The blinds fold and there is 1,425 in the pot. With only 450 to call, I’m getting better than 3:1 odds to call and make the call. There is now 1,875 in the pot.


Jh Jd 6c

Villain checks. Normally, I would take a stab at the pot, but with the small pre-flop re-raise made by an aggressive player, I have a feeling my pocket 7s may not be good and the villain is slow playing. Besides, a bet here may not actually give me any information if he only calls. While the villain may have a strong ace that I currently have beat (AK or AQ), he would probably call with two over cards to the board (hoping to hit), a jack, or even a six (he is capable of re-raising with A6). Therefore, I check and hope for a blank on the turn.

Turn Card:

With a blank on the turn, I’m planning on taking a stab at this one, but the villain beats me to the punch and bets 600. With such a small bet, I’m not sure if he is bluffing or slow-playing. I decide the price is worth finding out and call. There is now 3,075 in the pot.

River Card:

Bingo. I don’t have to worry about him bluffing. If he happens to have a bigger full house than my 777JJ, so be it. The villain bets 900 and I immediately move all-in for my remaining 5,650. After about 10 seconds of thought, the villain calls, shows his AJ, and I take down a 14,375 pot.

[thanks to boinger and kc via cc]

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