MMA Betting: Know the Round Odds

MMA Betting: Know the Round Odds

UFC fights have been an integral part of the life of the mixed martial arts sports fanatic for a while now. Many people get real hooked into MMA – so much so that it’s become a popular betting game and if you know what you’re doing you can make some big bucks. The idea of such is that websites like BetUS will post odds that can help you determine where you might place your bet. Then you now place their bets – backed with solid odds. But the thing is you have to bet whether it is over the favorite or under the favorite – favorites and underdogs. Read our post Intelligent Sports Betting: Convert the Moneyline to a Percentage for more information on this topic.

Since BetUS will give the odds on the fight – one of the odds given will be their prediction on the how long the fight will go – it pays to know which round will be the critical one. Knowing the round that BetUS gives, the players betting will then choose whether they think it’s going to go over, meaning they think the fight will go longer than the expected round or they bet the under – which is when they think the fight will go less rounds than the expected round. Sometimes, you can earn negative returns in which if you bet 100 dollars, if you win, you will only get 50 dollars. On the other hand, if you bet optimally with solid betting technique and analysis then a possible possibility for you may be that if you bet 100 dollars, for example, you will earn a profit of 150 dollars. Don’t worry to much on the numbers here though because this is just a theoretical assumption and analysis – the actual betting is much easier than this.

So, how do you bet if you want to do MMA and UFC gambling style bets? First, before you make any rash decisions that can put a dent in your gambling money, familiarize yourself with the nature of the game and particular casino you’ll be betting at. For example, if you’re interested in betting MMA at BetUS, roll through the casino, read the help screens and take a look before you start staking any money.

Once you’re acclimated with your particular casino, you should at least know the basic rules and the duration of each fight. If it is a title match, it’s usually up to five rounds but if it’s just an undercard, it usually lasts for only three rounds. If you know how to use these valuable bits of knowledge, then you can analyze the situation more intensely that you are in and the bet that you’ll be doing. Next step is to analyze the stats of the fighters. You should know, based on their previous fights, how long they lasted in the ring. This is super-helpful for MMA betting because it’s going to help you decide whether you should bet on under or over round odds. If you know well how they perform and their stamina, you can predict with a reasonable guess how long they’ll last in the ring. This is a vital key element in choosing your bet because the consideration of player attributes is crucial to winning consistently in UFC betting. Thankfully, analyzing these stats are becoming easier and easier to do because you can read the reviews of their previous matches or after match analysis of the game at MMA blogs and forums. From their, you can make your decision where to bet.

Now that you know the most important things to consider when placing your MMA bets, you’re now ready to post one up. Keep in mind that BetUS is one of the only sportsbooks that’s going to give you the odds of whether to bet under or over. For our American friends out there, it also helps that they’re open to United States players. Once you have your information in place and stats in front of you then just hit up your favorite sportsbook and place your bet. After that, just relax, watch the fight with a nice cold one and wait for the result. If you ever fail on your bets, always remember to keep in mind the key elements of placing MMA bets and try to think if you maybe missed an important aspect of MMA betting. If you really do feel like you bet perfectly and you did nothing wrong, think again. If you really analyze your betting more closely, then you’ll get ahead in MMA betting and you’ll be that much closer to success in the MMA betting game.

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