Las Vegas Hilton Closes Down the Poker Room

Las Vegas Hilton Closes Down the Poker Room

This just saddens my heart.

The Las Vegas Hilton poker room has officially closed down.


The 11 table poker room at the Hilton had been open since August 2005 and it’s going on the fritz. It’s weird because of the whole poker resurgence and it’s closing down. You’d figure poker would be on the upswing and the poker rooms in Vegas would be getting the positive effects from that, but apparently not.

I’ve stayed at the Hilton a few times in my trips to Vegas and I’ve always had a great time. I remember seeing the Mike Tyson vs Lennox Lewis heavyweight boxing fight there on these huge big screen televisions with my girlfriend at the time. Had an amazing time, partying in the hotel room and then going downstairs a few hours early for some poker, slots, and craps, and then shooting down for the fight. I remember that most of the people in attendance were going for Mike Tyson to win, but damn, down deep I knew Lennox Lewis was going to bust him up and that’s exactly what he did.

Well, where we saw that fight was in the poker room, they just cleared the area, set up tons of tables, and huge projection screens everywhere for everyone to see. I can remember the energy was great, tons of people screaming whenever there was a big punch, when Tyson wobbled his feet, it was great.

Of course the famous Las Vegas Hilton sportsbook is still open, so that’s great news. I wonder if that was the downfall. Maybe the popularity of the sportsbook affected the traffic inside the pokerroom? You’d figure it would affect it in a positive way, but hey, marketing and popularity is a weird game. So after hearing the news, it makes me wonder:

Will the Las Vegas Hilton ever get a poker room again?

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