Inside Casino Promotions & Bonuses:

Inside Casino Promotions & Bonuses:

We all know the craziness we can find on the internet.

Besides watching a little James Bond and finding out that casino cruise ships save people’s lives, there’s some great savings and bonuses for those that keep their open – especially for online casino gamers.

The main way you’re going to get special treatment at online casinos is the same way you get special treatment in standard brick-and-mortar casinos – being loyal to the same casino websites over and over again. Most of the big dog online casino sites give out bonuses to its users. But before you just jump into the first “bonus” you see offered,you gotta get yourself acquainted with the details in the bonuses offered. In some of the less reputable casinos, they don’t offer a real bonus, but instead they just offer some deals that really just benefit the casino and not the users. Of course, most of the big names in the casino world take care of their users well, but it pays to pay attention.

Inside the world of casino bonuses and promotions

Today we’re going to be getting deep into the promotions offered by – looking at all the bonuses and promotions and seeing which really are the ones to take advantage of. Licensed since 1997 by the Government of Netherlands Antilles in the Curacao Island (and completely open to all United States players) they’ve been featured in tons of television programs and newspapers in the United States like CBS 60 Minutes, SNN, ESPN, Wall Street Journal, Barrons, Financial Times, and USA Today. They’ve got a nice interface, a nice amount of players at any one time and they’ve been twice labeled as the “Best United States Sports Book” by eGaming Review.

The reason why we’re taking a look at is because they have a crazy amount of bonuses and promotions going on at all times – you gotta keep yourself locked to the website so you know what promotions are going on. They offer casino, poker, horse racing (racebook), and sportsbook, so we’ll cover each section and the promotions offered. Deposit Bonus

They have a standard instant 10% sign-up bonus to any initial deposit you make. This means whatever you deposit into, they hook you up with an extra 10% of whatever you deposited (e.g. you deposit $1000, they give you an extra $100 for you to play with).

If you’re going to playing poker, they hook you up with a 100% bonus up to $650 of your deposit. This means you deposit $650, they give you an extra $650 – total of $1300. To get the bonus, log-in to, make a real money purchase, click on the Rewards tab, then the Deposit Bonus tab in the poker lobby and then enter the code FIRST100 into the bonus code box. Check out how it looks in the image below:

You’ll also get a free seat into the weekly $500 “Welcome Freeroll” poker tournament – with a $500 prize pool. This freeroll is free to all brand new members that have made a real money purchase – running every Wednesday at 10:30 EST. To get into the freeroll poker tournament, hit the Private tab before the tournament start time, double-click on “Welcome Freeroll” and register for it. Sportsbook Promotions

Here’s a limited time sportsbook promotion going on with an odd little twist. They call it Lucky 7 Seventh Heaven. If your BET ID ends with 7, 77, 777 or 7777 (this means if any of these are the last digit(s) of your BET ID) you get hooked up with more money if your bet wins.

For example, if you do a Straight, Parlay or Teaser bet of $25 or more that wins and ends in a 7, 77, 777, or 7777 you win the Lucky 7 promotion bonus. If your Bet ID ends in 7 you receive a 25% win bonus, if it ends in 77 you receive a 50% win bonus, if it ends in 777 you receive $100.00 cash, and if it ends in 7777 you receive $500.00 cash.

If you’re betting on baseball, they hook you up with their MLB Bad Beat Bonuses with one of the top ones being called Extra Inn-sults. If you bet the under on a Major League Baseball game and your bet loses because the game went into extra innings they give a 25% cash back bonus. Another one is the Complete Shutout bonus – if you bet the money line or run line and the baseball team you bet on got shutout by the opposing pitcher they’ll hook you up with a 25% cash back bonus. Another bonus is the Walk-off Loser – if you bet the money line and your team is ahead but ends up losing because of a walk-off home run, will hook you up with a 25% cash back bonus.

A nice one is the Fall Classic promotion. In this one, every $20+ bet on MLB will give one extra entry into this drawing. If you win, you get a $5000 prize pack which is two tickets to watch the Major League Baseball World Series along with airfare and hotel accommodations.

Another baseball promotion on is the $40k MLB Handicapping Challenge. In this one, when the baseball regular season is over, the casino player with the most points gets $6000 points. If you finish from 2nd to 5th overall you get $1100 cash. Even if you finish in the top 2000 of the overall leader-board gives you an automatic entry into the $10,000 MLB poker tournament that will be doing in the near future. The monthly prizes vary depending on where you place: 1st gets $500 Cash (+10% Reload Bonus on your next deposit), 2nd-10th gets $200 Cash (+10% Reload Bonus on your next deposit), 11th-20th gets $50 Cash (+10% Reload Bonus on your next deposit), 21st-50th gets you a 10% Reload Bonus on your next deposit, and 51st-onwards gets you a 5% Reload Bonus on your next deposit. You earn points on this promotion first on wagers of $20 or more with at least 10 qualifying MLB wagers in the month. Each month, the player with the most points accumulated wins. ML wagers get you 1 point, run line wagers get you 1 point, total wagers get you 1 point, 2-4 team parlays get you 3 points, 5-7 team parlays get you 6 points, 8-10 team parlays get you 12 points, and 11-12 team parlays get you 24 points. Casino Promotions

24 blackjack winners get rewarded every 24 hours with various prizes, with the prize pot hitting $24,000. The games you can hit the bonus on are Blackjack 52, Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, Spanish Blackjack, and Blackjack 7s. So far, there’s been 244 winners on this one.

If you like slots, has the $24 free to play slots promotion offer you get with as well. This means that you get $24 free when you transfer at least $24 to play with some hot slots. Enter coupon code 24FORFREE at the Redeem Coupon tab in the Cashier to get hooked up with this promotion. (NOTE: Do not put this coupon code in the join form area if you’re a new customer, do this once you’re a member) Racebook Horse Racing Promotions

The big one that offers for racebook fans is the 3% rebate program. Every day, whatever you bet on the previous day with horse wagers, they give you a 3% deposit on that right into your account. Whether you win or lose on the racebook, you’ll know you’re going to get something the next day. Poker Promotions

There are TONS of poker bonuses going on at any time. One of the bigones is the $100,000 gold card giveaway. With a $100,000 prize pool and a minimum payday of $100 this is one to definitely get into. You win gold cards by playing in the real money poker ring games. The gold cards get chosen via a random number generator (RNG) when a certain rake has been collected (higher limits you play mean the faster that this amount gets reached). When the rake’s been collected, a gold card will be randomly selected and displayed to the players at the poker table at the end of the hand. If you match that gold card with one of your hole cards you get that gold card, even if you had folded your hand.

Another poker one is the Big Hands Win Big Bucks promotion. In this one, if you get 4 jacks or better in any of the Big Bucks cash game tables you get free entry into the $5000 private freeroll.

You’re also going to want to get acquainted with Frequent Player Points (FPP’s). The more you play, the more rake the casino is getting, so the more FPP points you’re going to be getting. The more FPP you have, the more gold chips you get. For every dollar dropped into rake (even fractional points), you’ll get 1 FPP – with a maximum of 3 FPP per hand. If you play in poker tournaments, you’ll get 7 FPP’s for every $1 in tournament entry fees.