I Want You to Date Playboy Model Jillian Beyor

I Want You to Date Playboy Model Jillian Beyor

Alright guys, I caught a dating tip from Jillian Beyor, who’s a BetUS girl, Playboy Playmate model, Hawaiian Tropic model, and on the hit television show Beauty & The Geek 5. Of course, I’m gonna share her dating tips with my readers – although she’s going to have to finish cooking me hot dogs in my back patio. Here’s a photo of Jillian while she takes off her apron and comes to the computer… (wait, I just fell asleep on the computer, I think I had a dream, was I typing?) Anyway:

I bet you didn’t know Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore’s boyfriend and Punk’d guy, produces the show. I bet you don’t care after I just showed you Jillian’s photos.

Don’t worry, I’ll give you time to take in the beautiful landscape of the photos. Nice trees right?

So, back to reality, the point I’m getting across is that Jillian has been voted Miss April BetUS 2008 – which has made it quite a few BetUS models that have hit it big-time in show-biz. And yes, BetUS.com is a sportsbook, racebook (horse racing), casino and poker room – and totally cool with real money players from the United States. Great people at customer service too – cool guys.

Back to the topic at hand. Jillian admits to preferring being in that green thong in her Miami hometown (South Beach baby!) instead of those huge wads of clothes she had to wear growing up in New Hampshire. Me being from Miami myself, she definitely looks the Miami part in her pictorials I’ll give her that.

Onto the topic of getting a date with Jillian. So let’s say you see her somewhere. You strike up a nice conversation with her and everything’s going well. You ask her for her number and she gives it to you. How long should you wait before calling Jillian?

“If he’s to get my number, I mean, I’d want him to call that night… soon, don’t wait.”

So, the question gets posed: How can a CasinoSmack reader get a date with you? What type of date do you want?

“The date doesn’t matter, it’s the chemistry I feel with the person I’m with,” she answers. Sounds great to me! So when she’s done cooking up some meat for me (I think I nodded off for a second there), and you get yourself a date with her, take her to a fine dining establishment – early bird special at McDonalds perhaps?

Let’s say you’ve been going out with her for a while. Relationship has officially BLOSSOMED. What’s her future look like?”I want to go see the world. After that I want to settle down somewhere, a small town probably like New Hampshire and have a family, get married, raise kids.”

Another tip is that her favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day and she’s going to want you to bring her flowers, stuffed animals and take her out for some vodka martinis. And clothes probably, poor girl only wears thongs.

I’m hooking you guys up with her myspace page… check it out.

Anyway, Jillian just told me she doesn’t want to blog anymore and says she wants to make me a mojito. Ok Jilly (that’s what I call her) extra lime in the mojito please.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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