How Spiderman Can Make You Money in Online Casinos

How Spiderman Can Make You Money in Online Casinos

Do you like Spiderman? Did you know the first Spiderman comic book was created in 1962?

How about the Fantastic Four? Well, that comic’s been around since 1961, which is a crazy long time ago. Well at least for me, since, well I hadn’t been born yet. So, yeah, I wasn’t even an embryo at that point. Or even a fertilized egg. Yup.

So getting to the point – the link between these comicbook superheroes and casino gaming. It involves Marvel Comics – founded in 1939 and is one of the biggest if not the most recognizable comicbook company in the world – and Cryptologic Inc.

What is Cryptologic Inc?

Cryptologic is one of the four largest software application service providers in the gambling and betting industry on the internet – the others being Microgaming, Playtech, and Real Time Gaming. Along with their subsidiary company, which is called WagerLogic, they handle licensing of their gaming software and their payment processor named ECash. They handle tons of the online casino gaming software you play on a daily basis – not to mention ECash which is bigtime hitter in the payment processing business for internet casino gaming.

Whenever I see Cryptologic handling the betting software, I feel pretty secure for the most part. The company seems to always be on top of their game and no real scandals have come from companies using their software that I’m aware of. Their security is real high up there. Usability is high too, as they try to make their games real easy to get your head around and just jump in and start playing. It’s not like other casino game software that can sometimes be a pain in the butt to learn – opening the instructions in a window while trying to play the damn game. Their functions are pretty straightforward.

Graphically, they have some good stuff – not mindblowing mind you, but good stuff. But this Marvel partnership could mean some mindblowing visuals. I don’t know about you, but when I’m rolling through online casinos, I like getting some eye candy. Of course, no one is better at eyecandy than PlayboyGaming, but I digress (by the way, Playboy Gaming is a Cryptologic site too). Having Marvel comicbook characters is really a genius move for Cryptologic because it gets that highly coveted internet casino gamer demographic of 21-35 – which is the kind that’s really comfortable with gaming after having grown up on the likes of Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Microsoft Xbox, Xbox360, Sony Playstation 2, PS3, and the Nintendo Wii. I still can’t get over how weird of a name the Nintendo Wii is. Anyway…

What online casinos use Cryptologic software?



Playboy Casino


How is this Marvel and Cryptologic partnership going to work?

They’re going to making the first-ever internet casino games based on The Fantastic Four and Spider-Man. Cryptologic will hold these rights to create these online casino games until 2010. This means Marvel Comics for a long while – with major possibilities of renewal of this license. And really, with the huge profitability of Marvel movies and television shows – why wouldn’t Cryptologic want to keep this going for as long as possible?

“CryptoLogic’s new Spider-Man and Fantastic Four games are the latest examples of our industry-leading innovation, and our partnerships with the world’s biggest gaming and entertainment brands,” said Javaid Aziz, who is the president and CEO of CryptoLogic. “Bringing these legendary Super Heroes to the world’s best Internet casinos reflects CryptoLogic’s commitment to help every customer build a loyal player base through both high-impact games and high-profile brands.”

How is the Spider-Man video game for casinos going to be like?

You’ll get sent into the heart of New York City, fighting and defeating a bunch of Marvel villains on your way to the ultimate showdown with Spider-Man’s alter-ego nemesis, Venom – and ultimately saving your girl Mary Jane. (Rick James interlude: I’m in love with Mary Jane / She’s my main thing / She makes me feel alright / She makes my heart sing) There’s going to be three unique feature sequences you’ll see while playing and bigtime payouts at the same time – up to 5,000 times a line bet. You can also get yourself 15 bonus rounds of play and free-spin which gives you double prize values.

How is the Fantastic Four video game for casinos going to be like?

In this one, you’ll be going up against the Fantastic Four nemesis, Doctor Doom. You choose which character to play – whether it’s Mr. Fantastic with his crazy long limbs, the Human Torch with his body turning into flames, the Thing with his literally rock-hard body and fists, or the Invisible Woman with her, well, invisibility. You’ll also be getting a chance of 5,000 times your line bet and up to 15 free game spins.

What other Marvel Comics characters are available on Cryptologic based casinos?

  • Hulk – The Green Guy

  • Daredevil – The Blind Guy

  • Blade – The Vampire with Swords Guy

  • The Punisher – The Guns Guy

  • Thor – The Hammer Guy

  • X-Men – The Guys with a X on their Shirt

  • Silver Surfer – The Surfing Guy

  • Elektra – The Sai Chick

  • Iron Man – The Metal Guy

  • Ghost Rider – The Weird Dude on the Motorcycle with a Flaming Skull for a Head Guy

  • “These celebrated Marvel Super Heroes have finally taken their place at the world’s top Internet casinos – powered by CryptoLogic,” said Justin Thouin, who is the Vice President of Product Management and Business Development at CryptoLogic.