Headhunter Poker Challenge Tournament at SunPoker

Headhunter Poker Challenge Tournament at SunPoker

A new tournament just got added to the SunPoker stable.

The Headhunter Challenge is what it’s being called.

What’s the payout on this challenge?

There’s a 50% prize pool. But that’s not the interesting part, there’s a 50% bounty you can get too. Yes, now you can act like some sort of crazed poker bounty hunter.

How do the poker bounty’s work?

Every poker player in the SunPoker Headhunter Challenge tournaments will have a bounty on their head. So let’s say you’re in the challenge and you knock out an opposing player, BOOM, you just got paid for knocking him out. But be aware that the bounty on your head goes higher every single time you knock another player out of the game. So you know, if you take out a lot of heads, everyone’s gonna be gunning for you!

How this going to be set up?

When the tournament starts, a player’s bounty will be 50% of the buy-in plus their headhunter rating. Every time you knock another poker player out at the Headhunter Challenge, you’ll be credited with 75% of the bounty in cash and then the other 25% is going to be added to your bounty – to give impulse for the other poker players to go after your head!

What happens if I win the SunPoker.com Headhunter Challenge tournament?If you win this poker challenge tournament, then you’ll be taking home the prize pool. And yup, you’ll be taking home the bounty that was on your head! You’ll also get a bump in your headhunter rating as an increase. Whichever poker player with the highest headhunter rating at week’s end goes on to the weekly SunPoker Champions Tournament.

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