Devious Blackjack Dealers: Cheating Strategies You Need to Know

Devious Blackjack Dealers: Cheating Strategies You Need to Know

Of course, you can imagine that all major casinos ensure that no cheating takes place in their premises (::cough cough:: APS). As the law requires, the casino’s gambling license will be forfeited should it cheat any of its players. Mind you, not only do the actual players execute some pretty elaborate cheating plans but the boxmen, dealers, and other employees of the casino may get into the cheating action as well. However, it is less probable that any of the Atlantic City or Nevada casinos do so – they have too much at stake, plus they make boatloads of money anyway without having to resort to casino cheating tactics! Those which are not governed and monitored by the Nevada Gaming Commission, such as cruise ships, are most likely to commit this type of criminal act.

The reality is, casinos do make HUGE amounts of money. And I mean GINORMOUSLY HUGE. So these massively profitable casinos don’t have to resort to cheating to make their cash on the casino floor. Anyhow, the blackjack game, compared to most casino card games, is a little more prone to cheating – many times through the tag-team of a cheating player combined with a cheating dealer.

The Two Biggest Blackjack Cheating Strategies

Let’s talk about the blackjack cheating technique known as the “second deal”. This cheating technique makes it appear that the blackjack dealer is giving you the top card but in fact what is dealt is the card that lies under it. Just think about money that can be made when you get a low card at the precise time you need it and how you also crash on a high card when it comes up at an inopportune time. Well, a top-notch and brainy “second dealer” can turn the fates of even the most notable blackjack player upside down in a very short period of time.

The other blackjack cheating technique is termed as “high-low pickup”. It’s usually done in an environment where there’s hundreds of distractions swirling around. The “high-low pickup” is done through the “false shuffle” wherein the blackjack croupier (dealer) makes it appear to reshuffle the cards when in fact the decks remain in their original position.

Why I’m telling you this: It’s good to know

I’m not telling you these techniques in order to scare you from playing blackjack at live tables, nor am I telling you this so you can start a blackjack outlaw crew and learn some dirty casino strategies. It’s good to know what’s out there though and what you might encounter in the real world of casinos. If you know these are tactics that some unscrupulous blackjack casinos and dealers do, then you are more aware and you won’t fall for it. Worst thing to have in the world of casinos is ignorance. If you’re smart, you can make your bets, have some fun, make some money, and not succumb to these cheating tactics.

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