CryptoLogic Wins 2008 Top Casino Software Award

CryptoLogic Wins 2008 Top Casino Software Award

For three consecutive years, CryptoLogic has been awarded the industry’s top software award by the Gambling Online Magazine beating out many companies and software developers. The award is given to the company who most continuously improves and develops different software to cope with the needs and technological advancements of the casino gaming community.

This award is one of the most coveted awards because of its prestige and the additional honor received by the winner. CryptoLogic is a perennial winner for one big reason – they are supremely successful in introducing and making new changes and innovations that give hot and fresh features to users – this creates ultimate success in the world of online gambling entertainment. Take a look at the post How Spiderman Can Make You Money in Online Casinos for a great example of this. Although, there are many software developers who made it on the final list, CryptoLogic won the award by proving their power to develop unbeatable software. This consistent effot by CryptoLogic year after year has lead to their distinction as the industry’s top software developer.

CryptoLogic is considered the industry’s top software developer because they constantly are putting research and development into creating new and more challenging innovations and concepts that really fit the interest and needs of the users. They have incorporated high levels of graphics and technical design for them to be able to deliver it elegantly to their customers. Over the years, CryptoLogic has been introducing different online games and casino games that have really won the interest of the casino-playing community. This is why they have partnered with so many different casino companies and gambling entities in order to develop software using their own unique brand of casino entertainment. Due to their high level of involvement in the casino community, their developmental skills had been recognized by customers and industry leaders due to their passion to develop better and better software and give the people a casino gaming experience that’s difficult to forget. Since CryptoLogic is one of the world’s leading software developers for online casino games, the recognition from many award giving bodies have been very important for them – especially for marketing and name-recognition purposes. This is why they are continuously exerting maximum effort in continuing their path as being the leading software developer in casino gaming.

The Gambling Online Magazine’s Industry’s Top Software Award is based on the votes of the people – this includes regular online casino gamblers and also a variety of respected online gambling entertainment critics. As a result of their votes, the winners emerge as the champions of their respective fields. This serves to prove that the winner really does deserve to get the award – its not some fake award that’s just arbitrarily given. Due to the voting process and the trust given by the people, the voting serves to crown true winners. CryptoLogic has been successful in maintaining their top position for three consecutive years because they have not stopped in continuing their tasks as software developers – constant and never-ending improvement. Because they know that they are software developers at heart, they really have to push their software development ideas from a simple idea and be able to grow them higher and make it different and better from all previous developments they’ve introduced over the years.

I have no affiliation with the company but their passion to change their approach to suit the market and their non-stop work ethic is admirable and really makes them worthy to gain this award. Of course, they’re aren’t doing this just because they’re nice guys or because they want to have an award on their shelf – they know this means great marketing and great marketing means more customers which means bigger profit. Even so, this vision of serving and giving the people the best that they can give is one of their most important assets in continuing the development of their enterprise. Their effort and their hard work will really pay off as they had been recognized for three years as the industry’s top software developer – and they’ll likely will win others in the coming years.

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