Casino Etiquette Beginner Tips: Rules, Safety & How Much to Tip

Casino Etiquette Beginner Tips: Rules, Safety & How Much to Tip

Casinos can prove to be intimidating for anyone who visits for the first time. They consist of large and open halls crowded with people who are well aware of their actions, but you are the only one who seems to be lost and without any confidence. You feel that all the cameras, the guards and pit bosses are keeping an eye on you. There’s no guide or sign that could tell you about casino demeanor. You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for proper casino etiquettes.

You can play casino games only if you are 21 or above. If you’re even just playing video slot machines accompanied with a child, the surveillance cameras will notice and send a guard, who’ll ask you to leave. However, if you are just walking through the casino with a child, you won’t face any trouble.

Casinos do not generally like their players to use their smartphones and tablets. At the majority of casinos, you can’t use your cell phones, tablets, pagers or other electronics when playing a casino game. Major casinos have thick walls that block out phone signals and it’s almost impossible to call or receive calls inside.

In the past, casinos were wary about cameras, but the rules have changed a lot now. Traditionally, cameras were not allowed fearing that players would leave the casino for fear of their privacy. However, as gambling became a more mainstream and accepted form of pastime, even players were allowed to capture photos. If you don’t know about the rules in a casino, ask a security guard.

When it comes to smokers, casinos can be a paradise. But there are no-smoking tables and slot machines areas available as well for non-smokers. Smoking is so prevalent that the smoke in the casino can instantly saturate your clothing.

The constant visual stimulation in the casino shouldn’t overshadow your own security and the safety of your pocketbook. There’s no denying that casinos have guards and security cameras in place to keep their customers protected, but the hustle and bustle can distract their alertness. All this security can protect you from is getting attacked inside, but the disorder certainly creates the perfect environment for theft.

Your purse should always be kept in your lap and you should never leave the chips under the supervision of the dealer if you need to go to the bathroom – take them everywhere with you. Count the cash and chips handed out by the staff at the table. You cannot make any claims after leaving the table or the cash counter. Ask the casino to provide a guard escort to the parking lot if you are leaving late night, especially if the casino is in downtown Vegas.

How to Join Games?

You can find blackjack, roulette, slots, video poker, and craps in most of the casinos. However, the larger casinos will also offer live poker, baccarat, sports betting, keno, and new lines of table games. If you are not confident about games with complex rules and want to have a nice visit, play easier games to understand, such as roulette, slots and video poker.

Table games like craps and blackjack are the most complex games for new players. Interestingly, they are also the most commonly played games in Vegas. Engaging in a beginner’s course can help you increase your confidence in these games. You can ask questions at the table, and if the dealer doesn’t seem to be answering your queries, move to another table or even another casino.

If you visit a smaller casino with a lesser number of players, chances are that the dealers will spend some time in familiarizing players to new casino games. As a beginner, it’ll be best to play table games in smaller gambling houses. Avoid larger casinos, especially during busy hours, as the personnel are going to be too busy to help you.

Don’t choose a table unless you have checked its maximum and minimum bets. The betting minimums vary from one casino to another, but the tables with low minimum are usually clustered together.

The time of visit to the casino is also of concern. Avoid visiting during the peak hours or weekends when the tables are mostly occupied. You are most likely to find more vacant seats around lunchtime rather than after 11 PM.

Rules of Tipping

Tipping has long been an important aspect of casino etiquette. Because dealers receive minimum wage from casinos, they expect winning players to tip them. It’s not obligatory, but depends on the player discretion. It’s not odd to come across dealers who request a 10% tip on the winning amount, but that is pretty generous.

You can give a chip to the dealer or the change person as a tip for their services. It can go a long way in making the game friendlier. Usually, all the dealers pool their tips and divide uniformly. It doesn’t matter how much you tip a dealer, he/she’ll get only a share of it. You can offer a dollar to the cocktail waitresses bringing the drink and a couple dollars or more to the valet parkers.

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