Blackjack Switch: The Blackjack Spinoff Casino Game

Blackjack Switch: The Blackjack Spinoff Casino Game

This one goes out to you blackjack-heads out there. Have you heard of the blackjack switch? This game is another variant of the blackjack game – the differences being that you are allowed to switch cards and you are dealt two hands.

Now, to the blackjack purists this might sound like cheating but for the people that play this blackjack spin-off casino game on a regular basis, it really isn’t. Blackjack switch also has a more conservative style of play as compared to the original blackjack. A classic example of playing blackjack switch would be this: if one player has been dealt his cards which form his two hands, that are 6-10 and 10-5, he can immediately swap the top two cards so that he would have a hand of 6-5 and 10-10.

A blackjack switch game starts when the player makes two equal-sized bets. Then the player is dealt two hands. Here’s where it gets interesting: the blackjack switch player now has the option to change the second card he is dealt with. For example, if you are dealt cards 5 and K, and T and 6, you are able to switch the cards around so that you can form 5 and 6, and K and T. After all, in this game, it is better to have 2 hands that total 11 and 20 respectively, than having hands that total 15 and 16.

Blackjack Switch Changes Overview

This blackjack creation has undergone a lot of changes, with the game’s main intention to help players win easily. First of all, blackjack switch evens the playing field with a ratio of 1:1, rather than the standard 3:2 ratio. This is because it’s easier to win blackjack (forming a total of 21) when you have the ability to have your cards switched around.

Here’s another twist to blackjack switch: if the dealer gets 22 then all bets are immediately pushed and if dealer gets blackjack then they pay even money. Currently, the blackjack switch house edge is 0.16% with six decks and 0.18% with eight decks. After you have done the whole switching of your cards deals, the regular play of the blackjack game then follows suit. One of the options that makes blackjack switch interesting is its use of a “Super Match” bet, which is a side option. The Super Match bet still involves the four cards that you are dealt with. First off, if you own a pair, then you instantly win it. Here is the following table when dealt the “Super Match” bet: Pair (1-1); 2 Pair (8-1); 3 of a Kind (5-1); 4 of a Kind (40-1).

For those of you who like a little change in their online betting life, then blackjack switch is the perfect game for you. The fact that you are allowed to keep on switching cards is already interesting enough – this increases your rate of winning and just makes it damn fun. Try playing this game now and see how exciting it gets!

Blackjack Switch Rules and Regulations

  • 6-8 decks are used

  • You must make two equal-sized bets

  • You may switch the second card dealt to each of your two hands – even to form a blackjack

  • You may double on any 2 cards you receive

  • You may double after a split

  • You may resplit up to 4 hands

  • Cards are dealt face up

  • Dealer hits soft 17

  • Dealer 22 will push against your total of 21 or less

  • Dealer peeks for blackjack with a ten or ace up

  • Blackjacks for the dealer means all player hands will lose, however a player blackjack will push

  • Blackjacks for the player will beat a dealer’s 22

  • Blackjacks for the player pay even money

  • Blackjack switch is now being played in online casinos and casinos in Las Vegas (Casino Royale, Harrah’s, and Tropicana) and Russia. Internet casinos that currently offer blackjack switch include Playtech casinos Golden Palace, Bet365,, and Hard Rock Casino.