Back Home: PartyGaming Executives Allowed to Enter USA

Back Home: PartyGaming Executives Allowed to Enter USA

PartyGaming, the company behind PartyPoker and PartyCasino, has reached a settlement with the United States government. Executives from the online casino company are now able to travel to and from the United States with absolutely no legal repercussions. PartyGaming Founder Ruth Parasol was not able to travel to the United States up to this point, as the government was making lives difficult for those online gambling websites that accepted bets and wagers from those in the United States before the UIGEA anti-gambling law came into effect in 2006.

The original plan by the United States government was to impose major fines and even prison time for these PartyGaming executives. However, that all seems like it’s water under the bridge at this point and the government may just let bygones be bygones.

Is the United States Government Considering Lifting the Online Casino Ban?

The business world has taken note of the change of heart by the United States government on the casino, as shares of PartyGaming went up 10%, which is the biggest jump for the casino company since October 2005. Sportingbet PLC, which owns Paradise Poker, jumped 7.6% and 888 Holdings PLC had its shares jump 3.5%. Business analysts feel that this settlement by the United States government may spawn new casino acquisitions and mergers as it seems like the climate for online casino gaming is improving in the United States of America.

Before the passing of the UIGEA act, PartyPoker was the world’s largest online poker brand (based on ring game revenue and number of players) – the challenge was that 70% of their customers were from the United States and after leaving the USA casino market their revenues have dropped. PartyPoker is currently the 4th biggest poker website. Although PartyGaming, PartyCasino and PartyPoker still does not allow customers from the United States, let’s hope this development allows more online casinos to have faith in the United States market and jump back in.

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