The Psychology of Real Life Casinos

The Psychology of Real Life Casinos

Are you scared of real life casinos you little baby?

Nothing to be frightened of my friend.

It’s actually a nice change of pace from staring at graphics at a computer screen. I mean, damn, you can actually interact with real life people at these brick and mortar traditional casinos, yes, actually for real. Yup, there are are actual human beings that you can touch in a casino. Although I don’t suggest you touch other players at your poker or blackjack table. We’ll get to do’s and don’ts later.

I’m afraid that I’m going to play really tight and lose all my money.

In that case, you’ll lose all your money. I guarantee you. Why? Because you’re coming in with the attitude that you’re scared you’re going to play scared! I mean, listen to yourself!

Get some attitude. Watch an inspiring movie. Get pumped. Lay back with a nice drink and breathe. If you got a girlfriend/boyfriend have them give you a nice neck, shoulder, and hand massage or some other… massage.

Only way you’re going to do well is by being relaxed. You must calm yourself to have any shot of playing well.

How does real life casino playing differ from online casino playing?

Stunna shades with bling. Highroller.Well you can look at the other player’s faces and body language for one thing. Don’t be scared of looking at them. If you don’t mind looking like a freak, bring your stunna sunglasses and you can look at the other players at the table through those. If you can stay calm, you’re going to have a huge advantage over the amateurs there. You can blast them out by keeping your “poker face” on while they’re telling there moves through body language. Poker psychology. Blackjack psychology. The mind is an amazing thing and it creates reactions in the body when it’s under stress.

How can I get used to the intense environment of a casino? It’s so scary.

Walk around. Take it all in. Get used to the sights and sounds. Talk to some old drunks. Become an old drunk for a day. Whatever it takes to get yourself in the mood.

Go to the card room. Notice the ambience. Take a look at the poker game speed, blackjack game speed. Notice the player attitudes. Are they talking to each other? Are they being friendly or combative with each other? That’s the personality of the card room.

Check out the craps tables. Are the people having fun or serious?

Check out the roulettes. Check out the slots. Take it all in. Get the casino vibe. Are the players dressed in nice clothes or do most look like they just got off the 50 cent greyhound special bus?

Where should I start?

Find the cheapest table and play there. No need to blast away your life savings in 2 minutes by hitting the top tables. Get your ego in check. No need to show off by being a high roller big shot. Get your feet wet in the kids section. Inexpensive games.

These low wager games get you a feel of the etiquette and the way the casino games are run. If you need help, ask the dealer. Or an old drunk.